Tracy Roberts

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bones of our misfortune laid bare
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Beyond the Wall - Tryptich
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Construction in Blue
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Carnival of Glass
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Race day
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Breath of Spring
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Hung out to Dry
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Puppet without Strings
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Semper Fi
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The Square Peg
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Beyond the Wall - Tryptich
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Chrysalis of Summers Touch
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Indistinct Wands
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Windows of Shades
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Trumpet Practice
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Under the Dragons Breath
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About Tracy ....

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Working in soft pastel, acrylic, oil and mixed media, Tracy uses a variety of genres as a springboard to express her ideas and philosophies.

To take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary adds dimension to the meaning, messages and commentary she presents.

By basing her compositions on shape; through the use of colour, tone and texture, she transforms the images into recognizable forms that create interest and are interpretative of the subject rather that being a realistic study.

In her imagery, Tracy creates narratives using metaphors and symbolism to provide an exploration to the interaction of relationships within humanity and the environment.

Achievements, Exhibitions and Awards


  • 2011 Cert II Airbrushing (commenced) Airbrush Venturi
  • 2009 Diploma of Visual Arts GippsTafe
    Major in Painting, Major in Digital Art
  • 2008 Certificate IV Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft GippsTafe



  • The “Yarram Archies” Portrait Competition Courthouse Gallery, Yarram
  • 30th Anniversary Group Exhibition - Courthouse Gallery Traralgon
    Traralgon Art Society
  • Great Southern Portrait Prize Stockyard Gallery, Foster
  • Middle Aged White Chicks Group Exhibition Stockyard Gallery, Foster
  • Finalist, She Who – Can, Exhibition, Walker St Gallery Dandenong
  • “From the Valley to the Sea”, Group Exhibition Courthouse Gallery Yarram
  • Life Aquatic Exhibition Stockyard Gallery, Foster


  • 9 x 5 Exhibition Walker St Gallery Dandenong
  • “Allowance Give, before a Sleeping Giant” Warragul Arts Centre
    Group Exhibition
  • “26th Annual Women’s Exhibition” Arc Yinnar Gallery
  • “Light and Shade” Group Exhibition Latrobe Regional Gallery


  • "Allowance Give, before a Sleeping Giant” Stockyard Gallery
    Group Exhibition
  • “Draw it Out” Group Exhibition Mezzanine Gallery Morwell
  • Finalist Arc Drawing Competition Arc Yinnar Gallery
  • Solo Exhibition “Wot I Do” Art on Track Gallery
  • Video Art Space Brunswick Street Gallery
  • “Art Gippsland 2010” Warragul Arts Centre
  • “Latrobe City Art Groups” Latrobe Regional Gallery
  • “25th Annual Women’s Exhibition” Arc Yinnar Gallery


  • Selected GippsTafe Exhibition Latrobe Regional Gallery
  • ”Eco” Group Exhibition Abi Edwards Gallery Tonimbuk
  • Portrait Show Finalist Brunswick Street Gallery

2008 “On the Threshold” Joint Exhibition Mezzanine Gallery, Morwell

2007 Selected GippsTafe Exhibition Latrobe Regional Gallery

2006 Selected GippsTafe Exhibition Arc Yinnar Gallery

2002 Selected GippsTafe Exhibition Warragul Arts Centre

2001 Group Exhibition Neilson’s Restaurant

2000 “Celebrating Regional Diversity” Exhibition Minister Lynne Kosky’s Office,
Spring St Melbourne



  • Winner. The “Yarram Archies” Portrait Competition Courthouse Gallery Yarram
  • Best Acrylic in Show Mirboo Nth Art Show
  • Packers Prize Great Southern Portrait Prize Stockyard Gallery Foster

2011 Encouragement Award Mirboo Nth Art Show
2010 Highly Commended Apex Art Show
2009 Highly Commended Tyers Art Festival
2004 Highly Commended Tyers Art Festival
2002 Highly Commended Tyers Art Festival
2000 Highly Commended Tyers Art Festival
2000 Popular Choice Award Tyers Art Festival


  • Trades Hall Council Melbourne



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